Forest Products

Forest Products Transportation

Transporting forest products to key markets is a complex task, requiring meticulous planning.

SOMARLOX Solutions

At SOMARLOX, we provide tailored solutions to address these challenges, including:

  • Guidance for optimizing goods flow.
  • Strategic international supply chain design.
  • Route traceability for supply chain efficiency improvements.
  • Diverse Transportation Options


Streamlined Operations

Our support includes:

  • Inspection services at the point of origin.
  • Efficient customs clearance.
We offer a range of transportation options to suit your needs:
  • Maritime and land transportation compliant with NOM 012 (weights and dimensions).
  • Air transportation for large volumes.
  • Land transportation for loads up to 26 tons.
  • Rail or intermodal solutions.
  • Direct delivery services in partnership with shipping companies.