Why choose us for your shipping needs?

Stablished Experience

At Somarlox, we combine the knowledge and experience of two industry leaders, COSCO Shipping Logistics and SOMARCO maritime agency with this formidable expertise, we’re well-equipped to handle your logistics needs effectively.

Regional Focus Subhead

Somarco has a strong presence in the South American market, making us your ideal choice for shipping within South America or expanding into this growing market.

Diverse Service Subhead

Our wide range of services covers everything you need for seamless logistics:

  • International logistics and freight forwarding.
  • Customs brokerage.
  • Warehousing.
  • Supply chain consulting.
  • And more, all tailored to your specific requirements!

Network and Infrastructure Subhead

We have a vast network of national and international services, terminals, and warehousing locations across South America and the world. This extensive infrastructure ensures efficient transportation, storage, and distribution of your products.

Core Values Subhead

At Somarlox, we live by our core values:

  • Speed.
  • Trust.
  • Reliability.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

These values drive us to deliver your products on time, with transparency, and at a competitive cost.

Somarlox: Your path to smoother shipping

With our expertise, global reach, regional focus, diverse services, strong network, core values, and value-added services, Somarlox is your ultimate logistics solution.
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